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Could The Desert Sun Power The world

More energy falls on the world’s deserts in six hours than the world consumes in a year!

Green electricity generated by Sahara solar panels is being hailed as a solution to the climate change crisis. Read more

Solid Advance for Cheap Solar Cells
The price of solar cells has been gliding downward for decades. Now this trend could get a shove from an improvement to a more than 20-year-old solar technology that captures light with dye molecules, an approach that’s never managed to catch on. Read more

Israel: Pythagoras Solar has created the world’s first solar window and hopes to revolutionize the green solutions market with solar windows. The new technology combines electricity production, energy reduction and transparent design.

According to the firm, the double-pane window embedded with solar cells will allow buildings to generate their own electricity. Read More…

Denmark: The house on the shore with a view of the Wadden Sea is an energy-plus house, which means that it produces more electricity and heat than it uses. This was achieved without compromising on the exclusive qualities of a large home, including large panoramic sea-views. Read More…

(On the other side) Drove 20000 km on cooking oil

Norway:  NTNU student with original automotive. – “It started in 2007 when I and my girlfriend would buy us a car. (…) Since we were two impoverished students at the University of Trondheim, we had to have a cheap car that we could afford to use. A car we could get from A to B without having to turn the cent before we could turn the key. ” Read More…